Google DFP / AdSense

AMP has its proper way to integrate DFP and AdSense into the website through AMP component <amp-ad type=”doubleclick”> or <amp-ad type=”adsense”>. If you want to link your consents from <amp-consent> to your ads and serve personalized/non-personalized ads based on consent, you will have to configure it on your side:

Configure your Didomi notice

Add google in your Didomi vendors list either directly in the console (recommended) or in your configuration object.

Block the DFP/ AdSense component

If your <amp-ad> tags do not use data-block-on-consent, or the amp-consent component has not been correctly configured, requests are sent normally.

To block the ads from loading depending on the consent, you will have to add data-block-on-consent to your component.

<amp-ad data-block-on-consent
width=320 height=50

If you are a company based outside of the EU and only want to require the consent in EU, you do not need to configure the countries where GDPR applies yourself. It is done automatically by Didomi and the only configuration you have to do is switching gdprAppliesGlobally to falsein the configuration.