This service is in beta mode and the configuration object may still be subject to breaking changes.


The Build it yourself option will give you more freedom on the UI/UX of your privacy center. You will have the choice to use our pre-built web components and display them anywhere on your website or use our helpers functions with your own HTML/ components.


We will now go through the different steps of the process of building your custom privacy center.

Include the Didomi SDK and the didomiConfig object (only if you don't already have the SDK script in your page)

We offer the Didomi SDK as a hosted JavaScript library that you can directly include on your website with a <script> tag. Place the following tag at the top of the <head> section of your HTML pages, before any other script tag:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.didomiConfig = {
app: {
apiKey: '<Your API key>'
<script type="text/javascript" id="spcloader" src="" async></script>

Make sure to:

  • Place the tag as close to the opening <head> tag on your page as possible, before any other tag gets embedded

  • Add your API key into the tag (replace the <Your API Key> value)

Create my entities

Your entities are your purposes, preferences and channels. This section will help you list all the necessary entities required for your privacy center. See this section for more information.

Create my containers

This section will help you setup the hierarchy of your entities by linking them together. See this section for more information.

Create my components

If you want to save time and use our pre-built customizable web components, please read this section for more information.

Create my translations (Optional)

The translations can be handle directly into the entities and components objects, but if you want to group them in the same object for better management, please read this section for more information.