The Didomi platform enforces quotas for some integrations such as batch exports. Quotas are designed to protect the platform and ensure the availability and performance of our services for all our customers. Each quota is organization-specific and is enforced at the organization level.

We currently enforce the following quotas:
Default value
Number of batch export configurations that can be enabled simultaneously.
Number of batch export destinations that can be attached to a configuration.

To view the quotas applied to your organization, send an authenticated HTTP GET request to https://api.didomi.io/v1/quotas with your organization ID as a query-string parameter. Example:
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" https://api.didomi.io/v1/quotas?organization_id=<YOUR_ORGANIZATION_ID>
The response will looks like this:
"data": [
"exports_configs": 3,
"exports_destinations": 2,
"id": "...",
"organization_id": "...",
"created_at": "...",
"updated_at": "...",
"version": 0
"total": 1,
"limit": 100,
"skip": 0

If you want to request an increase of any of the existing quotas, reach out to [email protected]. We do our best to accommodate increase requests but cannot guarantee that we will fulfill them.
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