Integrations are the building blocks of the privacy center: they enable users to manage their preferences with vendors that you use as well as your internal systems. For instance, an integration with an emailing vendor like MailChimp will give your users the option to subscribe or unsubscribe from the different email campaigns that you run.

We support different types of vendors and each type comes with specific instructions to set it up and enables various features in the privacy center. We support the following types of vendors:


All our integrations are direct connections to vendors. We do not store any user information on our servers at any time and any piece of data that transits through our servers (usually between the privacy center and the vendor) is encrypted with state-of-the-art encryption methods.

This section presents the features that are exposed for each vendor type as well as the integration workflow.

We are assuming that you have a Didomi developer account and an API key and that you have already configured your privacy center in your compliance console. If not, please go to our website and sign up for an account.