A consent proof is a file serving as a proof of the consent of a user. It can be a signature, a form, etc. that gets attached to a consent event.
The /consents/proofs endpoint of the API exposes the proofs of consent managed by Didomi for your organizations. For a full reference of the endpoint and the resources that it returns, visit

Get a proof

To retrieve a proof from an existing proof ID, send a GET /consents/proofs request.
GET /consents/proofs/c1cda26362828b69266512052b97cb3729e3b052e4ade47c0a1e3383defe73c7.png?organization_id={organization_id}
The proof will be returned as a base64-encoded data URI along with its ID and size:
Example response
"id": "c1cda26362828b69266512052b97cb3729e3b052e4ade47c0a1e3383defe73c7.png",
"size": 123

Upload a proof

Proofs can be uploaded as part of a consent event. You will usually want to upload proofs that way rather than directly through this endpoint.
To upload a proof, send a POST /consents/proofs request with the file to upload as a base64-encoded data URI in the proof property of the JSON body.
POST /consents/proofs?organization_id={organization_id}
Files must be smaller than 15mb when encoded in base64 and their type must be one of the following formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, DOCX, DOC, MSG.
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