Microsoft Dynamics 365


Didomi allows you to update your Microsoft Dynamics contact attributes with the preferences collected through your preference management platform (PMP).



Didomi connects to Microsoft Dynamics Dataverse on your behalf through the following parameters:

  • Client ID

  • Client secret

  • Server instance

  • Azure tenant ID


Upsert mode

You can choose allowing Didomi to create contact in Microsoft Dynamics 365, by setting upsert_mode to true. Otherwise, when a consent is collected but the organization_user_id value does not match with any contact in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the consent update will not be propagated.

Bidirectional flow

  • Didomi also supports a bidirectional flow by creating a webhook in Microsoft Dynamics on your behalf. The goal of the webhook is to react to your contact changes and then update your Didomi users accordingly.

  • Didomi identifies your Microsoft Dynamics contacts using the organization_user_id property.

  • Before setting the bidirectional flow, please make sure the application user created for your integration in Microsoft's Power Platform admin center have the following permission assigned: System Administrator.

  • Once the integration is fully configured, please deallocate the permission System Administrator perviously assigned.


Didomi uses the entity contact of Microsoft's Dataverse and sends the contact attribute property when updating a contact. Hence consent events are mapped to Microsoft Dataverse's contact attributes.



Client ID

A client ID of the created Azure Enterprise application


Client secret

A client ID of the created Azure Enterprise application


Azure tenant ID

Tenant ID of your Azure app settings


Server Instance

Your REST API endpoint


Upsert mode

By setting upsert_mode to true you allow Didomi to create contacts in Microsoft Dynamics

No, Default value = false


Mapping for properties between Didomi and Microsoft Dynamics Dataverse



    "upsert_mode": true,
    "config": {
    	"client_id": "your_client_id",
        "client_secret": "your_client_secret",
        "tenant_id": "your_azure_app_tenant_ID",
	"instance": "your_rest_api_endpoint",
	"properties": [
	    "id": "dataverse_contact_attribute_logical_name",
	    "value": "consents_purposes_newsletter_enabled"

The configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration can be done in the Didomi Console. First please reach out to to get the integration's premium feature activated.

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