GDPR via Non-Personalized Ads

We recommend using the IAB TCF for integrating with Google Ad Manager or AdSense for GDPR. Please review our Google Ad Manager implementation recommendation here.

Our direct integration with Google Ad Manager which relies on passing an NPA parameter to ad requests is still available in the Didomi Console for backward compatibility but has been deprecated.

Didomi supports sharing consent with Google Ad Manager (ex DFP), AdSense and Ad Exchange asynchronous ad tags. When the user gives consent, the Google tags are configured to fetch personalized ads.

For this integration to work, you need to make sure that you are delaying the loading of Google ads until Didomi has shared the consent information with Google.

The Didomi SDK offers two different configurations:

  • Share consent and refresh ads: In this setup, the Didomi SDK is in charge of both sharing the consent status with Google Ad Manager/AdSense but also takes care of the initial loading and refreshing of ads when needed. Use this configuration if you only use Ad Manager and no other script (Prebid, IAS, etc.) is in charge of loading/refreshing ads or needs to be synchronized with Ad Manager.

  • Share consent without ads refresh: In this setup, the Didomi SDK shares the consent status with Google Ad Manager/AdSense but does not load or refresh ads at all. You must synchronize with the SDK through an event listener to make sure that any ads refresh in your code or in third-party code (Prebid, IAS, etc.) happens after the Didomi SDK has passed consent to Google. Use this integration if you use Ad Manager to include auction results from Prebid, for instance.

Make sure to read the documentation dedicated to the setup that is appropriate for your website configuration. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any question.

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