2.4.0 (April 10, 2024)


  • Make sure that vendors removed from the GVL are not present in the notice or in the IAB Consent String when the IAB TCF framework is enabled.

  • Increase contrast for secondary texts to improve readability.


  • Do not display button to open Sensitive Personal Information screen, if there is no valid SPI purpose to display.

2.3.0 (March 27, 2024)


  • Sign XCFramework bundle based on latest requirements from Apple.

  • Deprecate CCPA regulation.

  • Set values for IABTCF_CmpSdkID, IABTCF_CmpSdkVersion, IABTCF_PolicyVersion and IABTCF_gdprApplies even when GDPR does not apply.

2.2.0 (March 18, 2024)


  • Create new openCurrentUserStatusTransaction method which returns an instance of CurrentUserStatusTransaction. This class can be used to asynchronously enable and disable specific vendors and purposes. For more information, see the documentation.

  • Added Apple Privacy Manifest file.

  • Display Purpose Categories for Apple TV.


  • Update the getCurrentUserStatus method so it marks as enabled those purposes that are enabled by default on the UI when the regulation applied is opt-out or mixed (e.g.: CPRA) and the user hasn’t expressed any choices yet.

2.1.0 (March 6, 2024)


  • Create new addVendorStatusListener and removeVendorStatusListener methods to observe changes in the status of individual Vendors (For more information, see the documentation).

2.0.2 (February 26, 2024)


  • Expose the following methods to Objective-C: getVendor, getPurpose, getRequiredVendors and getRequiredPurposes.

  • Sort Device Storage Disclosure list by identifier and type in order to prevent random order from the Vendor details screen.

2.0.1 (February 16, 2024)


  • Make sure IAB Google Vendor details screen displays TCF 2.2 data such as localized Privacy Policy link, Data Declaration and Data Retention.

2.0.0 (February 15, 2024)

Major update of the SDK

This release will contain some breaking changes, described below.

Migration steps:

  1. Update Didomi SDK to version 1.99.0 if it is not already the case.

  2. Replace any deprecated usages that might appear with the alternatives suggested by Xcode. If Xcode does not suggest any updates, it means no deprecated methods are being used.

  3. Update Didomi SDK to version 2.0.0.

The Purpose class returned by getPurpose and getRequiredPurposes, and the Vendor class returned by getVendor and getRequiredVendors were modified. If you encounter an issue with these changes (such as a removed field), please reach out to

Important notes:

  • is now the ID provided by Didomi, without prefix

  • Purpose.description is not related to Didomi anymore, as it is a reserved iOS field. The correct field to use is Purpose.descriptionText


  • Set the minimum supported version to iOS 10.

  • Remove deprecated functions below: Deprecated as of v1.60.2

    • getDisabledPurposeIds

    • getDisabledPurposes

    • getDisabledVendorIds

    • getDisabledVendors

    • getEnabledPurposeIds

    • getEnabledPurposes

    • getEnabledVendorIds

    • getEnabledVendors

    getUserStatus or getCurrentUserStatus should be used instead.

    • initialize (without DidomiInitializeParameters)

    Deprecated as of v1.58.0

    • setUser (with authentication parameters instead of UserAuthParams)

    Deprecated as of v1.56.0

    • getUserConsentStatusForPurpose

    • getUserConsentStatusForVendor

    • getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes

    • getUserLegitimateInterestStatusForPurpose

    • getUserLegitimateInterestStatusForVendor

    • getUserLegitimateInterestStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes

    • getUserStatusForVendor

    getUserStatus or getCurrentUserStatus should be used instead.

  • Update Didomi brand logo for AppleTV notices.

  • Prevent showPreferences to display Sensitive Personal Information screen (see showPreferences) if there is no such purpose to display.

  • Modified Purpose class returned by methods getPurpose and getRequiredPurposes. See details below:

    • id (String) the Purpose ID.

    • name (String) the Purpose name.

    • descriptionText (String) the Purpose description. This property replaces the previous description property.

    • Removed properties:

      • iabId (String?)

      • descriptionLegal (String?)

  • Modified Vendor class returned by methods getVendor and getRequiredVendors. See details below:

    • id (String) the Vendor ID provided by Didomi without any prefix.

    • name (String) the Vendor name.

    • namespaces (Namespaces?) the Namespaces of the vendor (IAB, num) and their corresponding ids.

    • policyUrl (String) the privacy policy URL (replace privacyPolicyUrl).

    • purposeIDs (Set<String>) the Purpose list with legal basis "consent".

    • legIntPurposeIDs (Set<String>) the Purpose list with legal basis "legitimate interest".

    • featureIDs (Set<String>) the ID list that represent features.

    • flexiblePurposeIDs (Set<String>) the ID list that represent flexible purposes.

    • specialFeatureIDs (Set<String>) the ID list that represent Special Features.

    • specialPurposeIDs (Set<String>) the ID list that represent Special Purposes.

    • urls ([Url]?) the localized Privacy policy and LI disclaimer urls introduced in TCF v2.2.

    • Removed properties:

      • namespace (String?)

      • iabID (String?)


  • Make sure IAB Consent String is not stored on the device when no regulation applies.

  • Filter vendors not having any purposes.

1.99.0 (February 8, 2024)


  • Hide Sensitive Personal Information button from the Notice and Preferences screens if there is no such purpose to display.

  • Ensure that regulation NONE will behave as expected (no consent required, notice and preferences screens can't be displayed and all vendors and purposes are enabled).


  • Prevent logo to be scaled up from the Notice screen.

1.98.0 (January 22, 2024)


  • Use default country code then default language when custom translations are missing for selected language.

  • Create new public function setCurrentUserStatus() (See setCurrentUserStatus for more information).

  • Create new public function getCurrentUserStatus() (See getCurrentUserStatus for more information).


  • Fix typo in TCF 2.2 notice for Spanish translation.

  • Check if SDK is ready before isConsentRequired() (see isConsentRequired for more information).

1.97.0 (January 11, 2024)


  • Update Didomi brand logo for preferences screens.

  • Create new public function isUserStatusPartial() (See isUserStatusPartial for more information).

  • Create new public function shouldUserStatusBeCollected() (See shouldUserStatusBeCollected for more information).


  • Serbian translation was containing some Latin labels instead of Cyrillic.

1.96.0 (December 12, 2023)


  • Set TCF version 2.2 as default version (current TCF 2.1 notices will be treated as TCF 2.2 notices).

1.95.2 (December 4, 2023)


  • Fix vendors’ privacy policy link.

  • Fix margins on Device Storage details screen.

  • Fix to ignore purposes and special features coming from Custom Vendors when creating the TCF Consent String.

1.95.1 (November 23, 2023)


  • Update Notice logo constraints. Maximum height is now set to 150px (instead of 50px).

  • Publisher restrictions now applies to Facebook vendor.

  • Fix Polish translation for Partners count label on Notice screen.

1.95.0 (November 17, 2023)


  • Add support for new language regions: Arabic (Jordan), Dutch (Belgium), English (New Zealand), English (United Kingdom), French (Belgium), French (Canada), German (Austria), German (Switzerland).

  • Handle Regulation field (user.regs) in synchronization requests and API events.

  • Specify "non-IAB partners" instead of just "partners" when presenting count of partners associated to a purpose.

  • Update list of purposes associated to Facebook vendor.

  • Handle notice.enableBulkActionOnPurpose config parameter, to allow to hide the enable / disable all purposes switch on preferences screen.


  • In some configs, color of the Refuse all button on preferences screen was not correct.

1.94.0 (November 6, 2023)

This is the minimum required sdk version to fully handle TCF v2.2 notices on iOS and tvOS.



  • Support IAB purpose 11 from TCF 2.2

1.93.1 (October 20, 2023)


  • Handle translation of TCF v2.2 purposes and GVL 3 even when there is no internet connection.

1.93.0 (October 17, 2023)

This version added support for TCF v2.2 notices on tvOS. However it does not correctly handle purpose 11 (Use limited data to select content), sdk version 1.94.0 or higher should be used instead.


  • Full TCF v2.2 support for tvOS.

  • Change label of "View our partners" notice button to "Manage our partners" .


  • Improve loading time to display the list of vendors associated to a purpose.

1.92.0 (October 4, 2023)

This version added support for TCF v2.2 notices on iOS. However it does not correctly handle purpose 11 (Use limited data to select content), sdk version 1.94.0 or higher should be used instead.


  • TCF v2.2 support.

  • Revert the design and label of the partners button displayed on the notice (underlined / "View our partners").

  • Add support for new macros (numberOfPartners, numberOfIABPartners and numberOfNonIABPartners) from the Preferences screens, see the full list here.

  • Remove support of notice.content.viewOurPartners configuration parameter from AppleTV Notice (the same default label as mobile will be used).


  • Fix popup notice's height taking too much space.

  • Fix onHideNotice event not triggered when Didomi notice is not enabled.

1.91.0 (September 19, 2023)


  • Better layouts (fonts, margins, etc...) for Additional Data Processing, Purposes and Vendors detail screens.


  • Add missing IAB tag on Vendor detail screen.

  • Manage empty privacy policy url from Custom Vendor detail screen.

  • Fix onShowNotice event not triggered when Didomi notice is not enabled.

  • Fix the bottom button bar from Preferences screens on iPad not using the expected width when only the Save button is displayed.

  • Fix the Device Storage section description displayed in a single line on tvOS (from the Partner detail screen).

1.90.0 (July 18, 2023)


  • Change the "Learn More" link into button.


  • The Vendor button from the Notice will use the theme.color parameter if no highlighted button theme is defined.

  • tvOS Vendor bulk action was displaying IAB tag after changing its status.

  • tvOS wasn't reverting Purpose and Vendor consent when closing and bringing back the Preferences without saving (UI issue only - consent was always accurate).

1.89.1 (July 10, 2023)


  • In notice, modify design of "Manage our partners" and "Learn more" links

  • In vendor details screen, move links to IAB and privacy policy outside of privacy policy disclaimer (improves accessibility)

  • Mark disableDidomiRemoteConfig initialization parameter as deprecated.

Didomi SDK configuration should be done through the console. In the future, local configuration file will no longer be supported.


  • GDPR was not correctly applied for additional countries set in console.

1.89.0 (July 7, 2023)

This version has a graphical issue, it should not be used

1.88.1 (May 11, 2023)


  • Handle 3-digit color codes and alpha component position

  • Improve handling of indented html lists in notice and preferences texts

1.88.0 (April 20, 2023)


  • Display message on Sensitive Personal Information screen when no Personal Data is present.

  • Display IAB TCF tag for IAB Vendors on tvOS vendors list.

  • Prevent warnings when using Swift 6.


  • Handle special features linked to custom vendors.

  • Better handle html line breaks in notice text.

1.87.0 (April 3, 2023)


  • Enable CPRA regulation support.

  • Create new Sensitive Personal Information screens.

  • Create new Internal events for Sensitive Personal Information interactions (see Events).

  • Update Additional Data Processing list from Purpose screen in order to improve accessibility.

  • Replace a deprecated method used when encoding the consent string


  • Notch detection was not accurate for iPhone 14

1.86.0 (March 20, 2023)


  • Add a link to privacyPolicyURL on preferences (Purpose) screen when the link is not present in text description.

  • Remove link to privacyPolicyURL in embedded default preferences (Purpose) screen description.

  • Accessibility improvements for buttons in Notice screen.


  • Fix Purpose labels not using the same language as the rest of the Preferences screen when the language is set during the initialization.

  • Allow multiline buttons from the preferences screens footer.

  • Trigger warning log when clearUser() is called before SDK initialization.

  • Remove extra bottom margin for Purpose list Description for iOS 13.0.

1.85.0 (March 8, 2023)


  • On preferences screen, display Agree to all / Disagree to all buttons only if regulation is GDPR.


  • When notice was not enabled from configuration, default notice was briefly displayed before the preferences screen.

  • Fix layout issues after device orientation changes.

1.84.1 (February 28, 2023)


  • Fix line break from Notice description, Purpose header description and Vendor header description.

  • Revert public methods getNoticeViewController() and getPreferencesViewController().

1.84.0 (February 22, 2023)


  • Accessibility improvements in purposes and vendors screens.

  • Call onError callback when invalid API key is submitted to Didomi.initialize.


  • Incorrect rendering of <ul><li> tags in preferences description.

  • Theme was not applied to purposes screen header.

  • Modify some constraints to remove warning logs.

  • Invalid consent string when publisher restrictions were duplicated.

1.83.0 (February 8, 2023)


  • Accessibility improvements in:

    • Partners button on main notice.

    • Purposes screen.

    • Purpose details buttons.

    • Vendors screen.

    • Vendor details buttons.

  • New User Information button from the Vendor screen.


  • Prevent Required Purpose detail screen to display the footer from the Purpose screen.

1.82.0 (January 30, 2023)


  • Accessibility improvements on Notice screen

  • Accessibility improvements on Purposes screen


  • When opening Partners screen from Notice, Purposes screen was briefly displayed just before

  • Some large title could overlap the Close button in Preferences screens (Purposes and Vendors)

1.81.0 (December 14, 2022)


1.80.0 (November 17, 2022)


  • Remove TCF v1 support.

  • Supporting url and resource name from logoUrl configuration parameter.

1.79.1 (October 24, 2022)


  • Fix transparent background for fullscreen notices on older iOS version (below 14.0).

1.79.0 (October 20, 2022)


  • Optimize display of Purpose legal description.


  • Fix transparent Notice background for older iOS version (below 14.0).

  • Fix some text colors for darker background color.

  • Fix missing device disclosure url for some Vendors.

1.78.0 (September 16, 2022)


  • Disable location query from device GPS when the location permissions are granted (we now rely only on our API to get the user location and to provide the matching regulation).


  • Update link to IAB TCF v2 from the vendor detail page.

1.77.0 (September 13, 2022)


  • Add support for CCPA

CCPA support is still in beta, please contact if you are interested to participate

1.76.0 (September 8, 2022)


  • Improve how texts scale based on the device settings.

  • Improved accessibility on buttons displayed on the notice.


  • Consent asked events was using all required purposes as both consent and legitimate interest.

1.75.0 (August 25, 2022)


  • Improve accessibility of close buttons and headings on Preferences screens.


  • Reduce tvOS SDK size by removing unnecessary classes.

1.74.0 (August 8, 2022)


  • Simplify Vendors button from Purpose list page.

  • Handle device storage disclosure as link (instead of json) from IAB vendor list.

  • Improve accessibility of Preferences screen.

1.73.0 (July 21, 2022)


  • Query purposes for current language in order to always provide up-to-date translations.

  • Add new events for language change (see Events for more details).

updateSelectedLanguage is now asynchronous.


  • Disable neutral state when controlled value is legitimate interest.

  • setUserAgreeToAll and setUserDisagreeToAll methods were not thread safe which could have caused crashes if called concurrently from multiple threads.

1.72.0 (June 27, 2022)


  • Hide bulk action in purposes and vendors screens when there is only one item in the list.

  • Allow to call reset() method while SDK is not initialized.

1.71.2 (June 16, 2022)


Bug fixes:

  • Improve device storage disclosure screens transitions

1.70.0 (Mai 17, 2022)


Bug fixes:

  • Fix wrong background for Vendors detail screens.

1.69.0 (April 27, 2022)


  • Update design for tablets.

  • Improve accessibility for Vendor detail and Purpose detail screen.

  • Add new languages support (Norwegian, Brazilian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Filipino/Tagalog, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Macedonian, Swahili).

New languages must be enabled from the Console once they are available.

Bug fixes:

  • Disable neutral state for legitimate interest from the Vendor detail screen.

  • Improve accessibility of preferences screen and purpose and vendor details screens

1.68.0 (April 4, 2022)


  • tvOS: Display Disagree button on TV notice only when it is requested in configuration.

For the moment, TV notice configurations generated by the console always display the Disagree button. To remove it, it has to be specified using custom json, as described here.

  • Support removeEventListener method.

Bug fixes:

  • Italic HTML tags not taken into account for notice and preferences text.

  • Fix "seconds" translation in device storage disclosure description in some languages.

1.67.1 (March 29, 2022)

Bug fixes:

  • Purpose Categories with custom icons have wrong alignment.

  • Purposes screen margin issue for iOS 15.4.

  • Wrong focus on tvOS Vendor Details screen after back navigation.

  • Some HTML tags not taken into account for Preferences (Purposes) text.

1.67.0 (March 21, 2022)


  • Improve accessibility of User Information screen

  • Add support for setUser method with authentication on Objective-C

Bug fixes:

  • In some configurations, the IAB TCF Consent String was storing publisher restrictions with too many vendors.

1.66.0 (March 7, 2022)


  • Improve accessibility for purposes and partners screens.

Bug fixes:

  • Ignore invalid Vendor IDs from Publisher Restrictions instead of invalidating the complete list.

1.65.0 (February 10, 2022)


  • Minor accessibility improvements on the Vendors screen.

Bug fixes:

  • A few API Events were not being sent on the tvOS SDK.

1.64.0 (January 26, 2022)


1.63.1 (January 2022)

Bug fixes:

  • Long vendor names were being cut off.

  • Vendors were enabled after setting the switch to the neutral position and saving.

1.63.0 (January 2022)


  • Improve accessibility for the notice and purposes screens

Bug fixes:

  • Button state in the purpose details screen was always disabled when purpose required LI only.

  • The status of some switches was not behaving properly on tvOS when the save button was pressed without making changes.

  • Focus was not working properly on tvOS 15 after selecting a vendor or purpose.

1.62.0 (December 2021)


  • Update fallback data for IAB TCF global vendors list.

1.61.0 (November 2021)


  • Implemented onShowPreferences and onHidePreferences events. These events are triggered when the preferences screens are opened and closed respectively.

Bug fixes:

  • custom text was not being used in the Vendors screen.

1.60.3 (November 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • The XCFramework was not including dSYM nor BCSymbolMap files.

1.60.2 (November 2021)


  • Added Legitimate Interest in TCF Consent String by default once the notice has been shown.

  • Added a new initialize method with a DidomiInitializeParameters parameters object. This is the recommended way to initialize the sdk, the previous methods are now deprecated. See the reference for more information.

1.59.0 (October 2021)


  • Handle deny option as a cross in notice.

Bug fixes:

  • Vendors with no consent or LI purposes were still in the UserStatus global disabled list after calling setUserAgreeToAll.

1.58.1 (September 2021)


  • Apply publisher restrictions with "allow" type to non-IAB vendors as well.


  • Vendors with no associated consent or legitimate interest purpose are now always returned in list.

1.58.0 (September 2021)


  • Display non-TCF purposes in disclosures

  • Add salesforce vendor to global configuration

  • Add a parameter to determine if user consent choice was set from Didomi UI or from a call to Didomi.setUserStatus.

Bug fixes:

  • Hide blank device storage disclosure fields

  • Fix an issue for device storage disclosures when no cookie info is available

1.57.1 (August 2021)


  • Change the default focus on CTV notice according to CNIL guidelines.

1.56.2 (August 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Removed unused Xcode 11 code.

1.56.1 (July 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • French translation for required was wrong.

  • getUserStatus() was not returning the right value.

1.56.0 (July 2021)


  • Added new getUserStatus method.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed purpose details button theme.

  • Ensure configuration is only loaded from Didomi on CTV SDK.

1.55.1 (June 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • No event was being triggered when the user switched the toggles in the vendor or purpose details views.


  • Added getQueryStringForWebView method.

  • Migrated framework to Swift 5.0.

1.54.1 (June 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • getUserLegitimateInterestStatusForPurpose and getUserLegitimateInterestStatusForVendor: return .enabled when status is not set (align status with Android).

  • Dismiss preferences sub-screens before dismissing preferences screen.

1.54.0 (May 2021)


  • Applied optimizations around the parsing of vendors information that should reduce the initialization time.

Bug fixes:

  • Hide notice event was not being triggered when user gave/denied consent from the notice.

1.53.1 (May 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Manage languages with specific script code from device

  • Handle vendor with no consent or LI in getUserStatusForVendor

1.53.0 (May 2021)


1.52.1 (May 2021)


  • Improved header's layout and made bulk action sticky on the Vendors view.

  • Handle setUserStatus with detailed purposes and vendors ids

  • Send dedicated CTV source type to the privacy center on sync request

Bug fixes:

  • Fix setUserConsentStatus result

1.51.0 (May 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Legitimate interest purposes were not staying as enabled when the user taps on Disagree to all in the Preferences view on tvOS.

  • SDK was getting into a weird state when the IAB Config file was being removed by the OS.

  • Vendors Bulk Action didn't have the right state if there is vendors without consent

1.50.1 (May 2021)


  • Added support for app.deploymentId.

Bug Fixes:

  • Preferences screen title was ignoring text from preferences property.

  • SDK was getting into a weird state when cache directory was being removed by the OS.

1.49.3 (April 2021)

This version requires Xcode 12.


  • Added support for tvOS.

1.48.2 (April 2021)

Please note that this release replaces the IDFA provided by AdSupport for a random custom identifier.


  • Allow users to see and copy their information (Consent Token, User Id and SDK version)

  • Remove usage of IDFA.

  • Added support for Denied Consent Duration (app.deniedConsentDuration)

Bug fixes:

  • The Learn more button was in the wrong position in the notice view.

  • Some HTML tags were being ignored in the notice view.

1.47.0 (March 2021)


  • Added support for purpose categories.

  • Added support to sync user choices across devices.

  • Added a global toggle in the purposes screen that allows to toggle all purposes at once.

Bug fixes:

  • getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes was returning false when a vendor had only essential/required purposes.

1.46.0 (March 2021)


  • Updated the behaviour of the Disagree to all buttons in the preferences screen to align with other platforms.

  • Added support for the denyAppliesToLI feature in notice and preferences screen.

1.45.0 (March 2021)


  • Added support for specifying consent expiration.

Bug fixes:

  • Size of consent notice was wrong when displayed a second time.

  • There was an error in the API Events' sampling calculation.

1.44.0 (February 2021)


  • Added support to include Publisher Country Code into Consent String.

Bug fixes:

  • UI event were being triggered before consent was saved.

1.43.0 (February 2021)

  • If you were passing the consent and legitimateInterest parameters to the setUserDisagreeToAll method in your Swift code, it won't compile anymore. If you want to set the consent and legitimate interest status for all vendors and purposes you should use the setUserStatus method instead

  • If you were directly calling setUserDisagreeToAll from Objective-C (setUserDisagreeToAllWithConsent:legitimateInterest:) you would need to use setUserDisagreeToAll instead which does not accept parameters. If you want to set the consent and legitimate interest status for all vendors and purposes you should use the setUserStatus method instead

  • This release also makes private some views and view controllers classes. Currently this SDK is not designed to access these classes directly but only through the available methods which are documented in the references section


  • Added ability to display "Disagree & Close" button on the notice (notice.type = "optin").

  • Added ability to display "Disagree & Close" button as primary (notice.denyAsPrimary = true).

  • Added ability to display "Continue without agreeing" link on the notice (notice.denyAsLink = true).

  • Added some UI updates on the notices.

  • Added new method to set user status for all purposes and vendors setUserStatus(purposesConsentStatus: Bool, purposesLIStatus: Bool, vendorsConsentStatus: Bool, vendorsLIStatus: Bool)

1.42.0 (January 2021)


  • Indicate platform and SDK version when downloading notice configuration.

  • Added support for TCF v2.1.

  • Send TCF and Additional Consent information in API events.

1.41.1 (December 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • In some cases consent was not being properly kept after an update of the GVL.

  • A translation in Croatian was not being displayed properly.

1.41.0 (December 2020)


  • Added Device storage section in the vendor details view.

  • Updated some texts from vendors and purposes.

Bug fixes:

  • Custom initializer hexString:alpha: was being publicly exposed through an extension of the UIColor class which was causing conflicts for some clients that had the same implementation.

1.40.1 (December 2020)

Please notice that this release includes the ability to download the GVL (Global Vendor List) file. If you don't want the SDK initialization to wait for this step, set the app.vendors.iab.requireUpdatedGVL to false as explained here


  • Essential/Required purposes section in the detailed view for each vendor.

  • Download the GVL (Global Vendor List).

  • Optimizations around Publisher Restrictions.


  • Long purpose names were being cut-off.

1.39.0 (November 2020)


  • Detailed additional data processing information

  • Added onError method.

1.38.0 (October 2020)


  • GVL update

  • Remove TCFv1 storage keys when TCFv2 is enabled

  • Improved responsiveness when saving consent

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure that the legitimate interest status is correctly passed to Webviews in getJavaScriptForWebView

1.37.0 (October 2020)


  • Support for Publisher Restrictions.

1.36.1 (September 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed ratio issue with logo on popup notice.

1.36.0 (September 2020)


  • Updated initialization process to stop requesting location when gdprAppliesGlobally is set to true.

1.35.1 (September 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • App logo was not being displayed on the popup notice.

  • Detailed view of essential purposes contained toggles.

1.35.0 (September 2020)


  • When user.ignoreConsentBefore is set and if consent was collected from the user at a date earlier than user.ignoreConsentBefore, show the consent notice to recollect consent (irrespective of the consent status of the user).

  • Improved the UI of the popup notice to force users to see all the content of the view before selecting any action.

Bug fixes:

  • Close button was not very responsive on the purposes view.

1.34.0 (September 2020)


  • Collect and send organization user ID in API events.

1.33.1 (September 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • Vendors button was not responsive when text on popup notice was long enough to require scroll.

1.33.0 (September 2020)


  • Disable TCF if it is disabled from the Console or if config file does not come from Didomi.

1.32.0 (August 2020)


  • Updated IAB vendors list to 52.

1.31.1 (August 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • Save button on purposes list view didn't have the right state when selections of Consent and Legitimate interest were opposite.

1.31.0 (August 2020)


  • Added support for Google as a TCF vendor.

1.30.2 (July 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes was not returning the right status for google and other custom vendors.

1.30.1 (July 2020)


  • Added Show our vendors button to the notice which allows users to navigate directly to the Vendors list view.

  • Added Additional Data Processing section on Purposes list and Vendor Details views.

1.29.0 (July 2020)


  • Ensure that consent is recollected when switching TCF version

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure switch state is accurate on the list of vendors

1.28.0 (July 2020)


  • Better support for dark mode in purpose and vendor detailed views

  • IAB TCF label on TCF vendors in the list of vendors

  • Notice configuration by ID

1.27.2 (July 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor fixes regarding TCFv2.

  • Fixed broken custom text on the Vendors view.

1.27.0 (June 2020)


  • showPreferences allows selecting which view should open (purposes or vendors)

1.26.0 (June 2020)


  • IAB TCF v2 initial support

1.21.0 (June 2020)


  • Use os_log for logging on iOS 10+.

  • Allow setting minimum log level via setLogLevel.

  • Changed the way Purpose details are displayed from expanding a cell to displaying a new view.

1.20.1 (May 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • Banner notice was displaying the rounded top border without transparency.

1.18.1 (March 2020)


  • Added support for XCFramework which means there is no need to use a different Pod (or binary) for newer versions of Xcode (since Xcode >= 11). Using this Pod/binary should be enough: Didomi-XCFramework.

1.17.1 (March 2020)


  • Updated Global Vendor List to version 192.

  • Improved the way in which optionals are handled.

1.16.5 (February 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • Calling the setupUI method multiple times could have resulted in crashes.

  • UI constraints were breaking in some cases when views were displayed behind an interstitial ad.

  • Fixed a race condition when triggering API events which could have resulted in crashes.

1.16.4 (January 2020)

Bug fixes:

  • UI improvements around the scroll bar and the scrolling animation on the Purposes screen when items are expanded/collapsed.


  • Added Didomi.notice.hide(); to the JavaScript code that gets returned by method getJavaScriptForWebView. This means that the notice view on the web app that's loaded on the native app will be hidden automatically when injecting the JavaScript code returned by this method.

1.16.0 (January 2020)


  • Added Xcode 11.3 support.

1.15.4 (Dec 2019)


  • Updated getTranslatedText method to get translated text from multiple sources

  • Created new method updateSelectedLanguage method that allows app developers to change the language of the Didomi SDK.

  • Added the ability to pass a language code when calling the initialize method. This language code will be used to set the selected language.

Existing apps using this implementation of the initialize method in Objective-C:Didomi *didomi = [Didomi shared]; [didomi initializeWithApiKey:@"<Your API key>" localConfigurationPath:nil remoteConfigurationURL:nil providerId:nil disableDidomiRemoteConfig:NO];

will have to add the languageCode parameter and set it to nil unless they want to set a language code: Didomi *didomi = [Didomi shared]; [didomi initializeWithApiKey:@"<Your API key>" localConfigurationPath:nil remoteConfigurationURL:nil providerId:nil disableDidomiRemoteConfig:NO languageCode:nil];


  • The save button in the purposes view was not being enabled property in some cases when the user had previously saved their preferences using an old list of purposes.

1.14.1 (Nov 2019)


  • Added support for Xcode 11.2.

  • Updated the way API events are sampled to be based on user ID rather than on a random number.

1.13.0 (Oct 2019)


  • Introduced ui.action type for events sent to the API for tracking the interactions of the user with the consent UI. Actions added: preferences.shownpurposes, preferences.shownvendors, preferences.purposechanged and preferences.vendorchanged.

Bug fixes:

  • The IABConsent_SubjectToGDPR key was not being set properly in the user defaults.

1.12.2 (Oct 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • UI issue with the purpose switches keeping a stale state when the user toggled the switch and expanded the purpose description right after.

1.12.1 (Sep 2019)


  • Added support for Xcode 11 and bitcode.

Bug fixes:

  • Build was being created using the Debug configuration.

  • Some views were not displaying correctly on iOS 13 when dark mode was enabled.

  • In some cases getting the device location could cause a long delay.

  • Objective-C projects were not compiling correctly under certain configurations.

  • Objective-C projects were not compiling correctly when running on simulator on Xcode 10.2 and 10.3.

1.10.1 (Sep 2019)


  • Improved internal implementation of the SDK to ease the creation of custom views.

1.9.6 (Jul 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • Some mapping keys related to the getText and getTranslatedText methods were not matching the JSON properties of the preferences and notice properties.

1.9.5 (Jul 2019)


  • Updated IAB vendors list to 155.

  • Added the ability to provide translatable texts through the texts property in the didomi_config.json file that can be used when creating a custom notice.

1.9.4 (Jul 2019)


  • Added the ability to block/disable the Agree to all and Disable to all buttons by providing the preferences.disableButtonsUntilScroll flag and setting it to true.

1.9.3 (Jun 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • Event HideNoticeEvent was not triggered as required in some cases.

1.9.2 (Jun 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • The Console generates custom purpose IDs within [A-Za-z0-9-_] and SDKs only allowed [a-z0-9-_]

1.9.1 (May 2019)


  • Added logs to indicate app developers when methods that require the Didomi SDK to be ready are called before that.

1.8.1 (May 2019)


  • Update IAB vendors list (version 146)

1.8.0 (May 2019)


1.7.0 (Apr 2019)


  • Add the possibility to get the configuration remotely from the Didomi console

If you are coming from a previous version and want to enable the remote Didomi configuration created from the console, please add disableDidomiRemoteConfig: false as a new parameter in your initialize function. See documentation.

1.6.0 (Apr 2019)


  • Added pod Didomi-xcode10.2 which supports Xcode 10.2.

Bug fixes:

  • Exposed missing properties of Purpose and Vendor classes.

1.5.1 (Apr 2019)


1.5.0 (Apr 2019)


  • Exposed the following methods: getRequiredPurposes, getRequiredVendors, getEnabledPurposes, getEnabledPurposeIds, getDisabledPurposes, getDisabledPurposeIds, getEnabledVendors, getEnabledVendorIds, getDisabledVendors, getDisabledVendorIds, getPurpose and getVendor.

  • Add Russian and Ukrainian languages

1.4.5 (Mar 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • Preferences popup was being displayed on each visit when notice.enable was set to false and preferences.showWhenConsentIsMissing to true.

1.4.3 (Feb 2019)


  • Updated master config file adding countries, translations, purposes and partners.

  • Exposing shouldConsentBeCollected method used to allow developers to check if consent should be collected or not.

Bug fixes:

  • Items on Purposes and Vendors list were not expanding when clicking right on the expand arrow.

  • SDK had to wait for the country code to get initialised which in some cases could result in the app having to wait for it before starting.

  • Fix translation for "View privacy policy" on the Vendors view

1.4.1 (Feb 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • Purposes description was not being displayed on iPad running iOS 9.3.

  • Fixed strong reference cycles.

1.4.0 (Jan 2019)

Breaking change

This release modifies how we treat the ID of your custom vendors. If you are getting the user consent status with an API function like getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes("vendor-id"), you need to update your code to prefix the vendor ID with c:. Your function call now becomes: getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes("c:vendor-id").

This change will also trigger consent re-collection for your users.


Bug fixes:

  • The "Disagree to all" button did not use the same text and background color as the "Agree to all" button.

  • Inline style of HTML content was being overridden on the Preferences pop-in.

  • The "Save" button was present but disabled even though all purposes were set to unknown.

  • Purposes were not being properly updated when categories were being used.

  • The "c:" prefix was missing from custom vendors IDs. Important: this could be a breaking change since on the previous version the "c:" prefix was not required before each custom vendor ID.

  • Purposes were not sorted properly on the vendors and purposes views.

1.3.2 (Jan 2019)


  • Supports the 24 European languages

  • Number of days before recollecting consent option in the configuration tag

  • Updates on helpers to ease testability

1.3.1 (Dec 2018)


  • Added the ability to load a remote configuration file so app developers can customize how the SDK is displayed to users

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed potential issue around macros and the way they get replaced in the content

1.2.1 (Dec 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed logic around showPreferences and forceShowNotice methods so app does not crash after consent has been given

  • Fixed the way notices display long content by enabling scroll when required

  • Correctly load purposes and vendors statuses in the Preferences popup after consent has been given

  • Show the Save button when the Preferences popup is open after consent has been given

1.2.0 (Nov 2018)


  • Custom purposes

  • Map custom vendor to IAB ID

  • Expose getUserConsentStatusForPurpose and getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes in the public API

  • Ability to customize texts in the preferences popup

1.1.3 (Nov 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor UI fixes.

  • Updated default notice text.

1.1.2 (Nov 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor UI fixes.

1.1.1 (Nov 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Exposed additional methods.

1.1.0 (Nov 2018)


  • Added support for Xcode 9

  • Added support for Objective-C

1.0.0 (Nov 2018)

Initial version.

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