AWS S3 Bucket (owned by Didomi)

We create a dedicated bucket for your organization and a role for delegating access to your AWS account. To access the exported data, you will need to assume the role created in our organization.

The bucket is configured with "Requester Pays". Didomi will bear the cost of storing the exported data but the cost of requests and data download will be born by the AWS account requesting data.

The name of the AWS S3 bucket is as follows: didomi-exports-{organization-id}-{random string}

The ARN of the AWS role to access the bucket has the format: arn:aws:iam::{didomi-aws-account-id}:role/{bucket-name}-role

Storage duration

The exported data is stored for 7 days. After 7 days, files are automatically deleted from the S3 bucket. If you want to keep data for more than 7 days, you will need to copy them to your own storage system.


You will need to provide the ID of the AWS account that you will use to access the S3 bucket containing your exported data

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