Tags and vendors management

Managing tags and vendors on your website is a key aspect of integrating the Didomi CMP. You need to ensure that vendors that require consent are only loaded if consent is available so that they do not collect personal data or set cookies without the user consent.

IAB vendors (TCF and CCPA)

The Didomi SDK automatically shares the user consent status with vendors through the IAB GDPR Consent framework and the IAB CCPA Compliance framework. For vendors that support the framework, the only thing you have to do is declare them in the list of vendors that your website uses (see the Vendors and purposes section for more information on how to do that) and they will adapt their data processing to respect the user consent.

Non-IAB vendors with direct integrations

For other vendors, that do not implement the IAB specification, you will need to share the consent status with their tag if they have an API to do so or prevent their tags from loading until the user has given consent for the vendor and its purposes.

Didomi has built the following direct integrations:

Non-IAB vendors without a direct integration

For other non-IAB vendors that Didomi does not have a direct integration with, we support the following integration modes:


Use case

Hard-coded tags and vendors on your website as <script> tags

Tags and vendors managed from your own JavaScript code

Tags and vendors managed through your tag manager

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