Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Didomi allows you to update your Salesforce Marketing Cloud contact attributes with the preferences collected through your preference management platform (PMP).



Didomi connects to Marketing Cloud on your behalf through API calls using Installed packages. You need to fetch your Client id, Client secret and Authentication Base URI.


  • Upsert mode

Please note that the upsert_mode option is always set to true for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Which means that if the collected consent contains an organization_user_id that has no match in Marketing cloud, Didomi will create a new contact where the contact key value = organization_user_id value.

  • Bidirectional flow: Please note that the bidirectional flow is not supported at the moment.


Didomi uses the entity Contact of Marketing Cloud. The PMP purpose/preference/value can be mapped with an attribute within attribute set of your Audience builder. Hence, a is a combination of attribute set and attribute name separated by a colon : (Cf. the example below).

For Salesforce Marketing Cloud native demographics (Email demographics, MobileConnect demographics..) your contact attributes may not be updated due to missing mandatory information. Here are some non exhaustive examples that you can also check with your Marketing Cloud expert:

  • Email Addresses: contacts with no attached email address will not be updated through Didomi and SalesForce Marketing Cloud integration.

  • MobileConnect Demographics: your contact must include a country code for the Locale value, otherwise the Didomi preference update will not be reflected on your contact

  • MobilePush Demographics: your contact must include an ApplicationID value.

  • GroupConnect: LINE Addresses and LINE Subscriptions fields are required for a contact to be updated with the Didomi preferences.


Didomi needs the following configuration items to set up the connection with Marketing Cloud:


Client ID

Client ID issued when you create the API integration in Installed Packages


Client Secret

Client secret issued when you create the API integration in Installed Packages.



Url of the account’s authentication endpoint



Mapping for properties between Didomi and Salesforce Marketing Cloud



	"client_id": "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx",
	"client_secret": "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx",
	"url": "<>"
	"properties": [
			"id": "Attribute Set:Attribute Name",
			"value": "consents_purposes_cookies_preferences_newsletter_channel_email_enabled"

The configuration of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration can be done in the Didomi Console. First please reach out to to get the integration's premium feature activated.

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