Didomi provides a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that you can integrate across various platforms such as websites, mobile applications, and internal apps. This platform facilitates user consent collection and preference settings before the use of personal data, empowering enforcement of user choices within all your tools like CRM, emailing, etc.

Ready-to-use UI elements such as banners and pop-ins allow you to collect consents on your existing websites and apps. Alternatively, you can leverage Didomi's API to create custom workflows based on consent. The platform ensures smooth integration with third-party services to synchronize consent precisely and facilitate enforcement of user choices, no matter which tools you use.

Besides CMP, Didomi also offers a Preference Management Platform (PMP). This platform allows you to target users' preferences in areas such as communication, marketing, advertising, or interests. It empowers users to share their preferences with you and maintain control over them.

Moreover, Didomi features an Automated Privacy Requests Management module. This module enables you to collect privacy requests from your end-users and manage them efficiently. By using this module, you can design forms for your customers to conveniently submit data subject access requests.

This guide takes you through the structure and API of the Didomi platform, including products like the SDKs.

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