GDPR requires that you collect consent from your users before using their personal data (cookies, browsing history, email address and phone number, etc.) for data processing like analytics, personalized advertising, email and text communications, etc.
Didomi offers a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that can be deployed on all your platforms (websites, mobile applications, internal apps, etc.) to collect user consent and preferences before using personal data and enforce user choices across all your tools (CRM, e-mailing, etc.).
Didomi also offers you the Preference Management Platform (PMP). This platform integrated in the CMP allows you to target the preferences of your users, in terms of communication, marketing, advertising or even interests. This platform allows the user to share his preferences with you and to have control over his preferences and choices.
You can use our off-the-shelf UI elements (banners, pop-ins, etc.) to collect consent on your existing websites and apps, or leverage our APIs to build custom workflows based on consent. We also integrate with third-parties to ensure that consent is correctly synced to them and that it is easy for you to enforce the user choices no matter what tool you are using.
This guide walks you through the structure and APIs of the Didomi platform, including products like our SDKs.
Last modified 8mo ago