A widget is an end-user-facing form used to either collect consent against purposes, preferences or privacy requests.

Didomi provides a library of widgets in order to match your different use cases through the privacy journey of your customers or end-users.

Each type of widget can be fully managed via the Didomi API for automating creation, configuration or publishing.

You need to collect consent when your customer lands on your website? We recommend you to use our Consent notice with its different integrations which includes the IAB Framework, Google Consent Mode and many others. You will also have the choice to deploy your notice on many devices with native support.

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Privacy widgets

You need to extend your knowledge about your customer base or provide a DSAR form in order to register your end-users' legal requests? We would recommend you to use the Privacy widget and its many configuration options in term of design, content and implementation. You will able to collect more granular preferences with the Preference library and many types of widgets. Regarding the privacy requests, you will be up-to-date with the latest regulations in force.

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