Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud


Didomi offers one single integration with Salesforce products Sales and Service Cloud to ensure an accurate end to end experience from leads to contacts.

This integration lets you update your lead and contact attributes with the preferences collected through your preference management platform (PMP).



Didomi connects to Salesforce on your behalf through the following parameters:

  • Instance

  • Client ID

  • Client secret


Upsert mode

You can choose allowing Didomi to create leads/contacts in Salesforce, by setting upsert_mode to true. Otherwise, when a consent is collected but the organization_user_id value does not match with any lead/contact in Salesforce, the consent update will not be propagated.

Bidirectional flow

Please note that the bidirectional flow is not supported at the moment.


Didomi uses both lead and contact entity of Salesforce.

  • First you need to tell Didomi whether you want Leads or Contacts to be updated

  • Then you can set up the mapping between lead OR contact attribute and Didomi's preferences

Hence consent events are mapped to either contact attributes OR lead attributes in Salesforce.

If you want to sync both leads and contacts at the same time, you need to create 2 separate configurations for your organization.




The URL of the Salesforce domain


Client ID

The consumer key of the connected app


Client secret

The consumer secret of the connected app


Salesforce Object

Entity to be synchronized with Salesforce. Options: Contact, Lead.


Upsert mode

By setting upsert_mode to true you allow Didomi to create leads OR contacts in Salesforce

No, Default value = false


Mapping for properties between Didomi and Salesforce



    "type_id": "sf-sales-cloud",
    "authentication": {
        "url": "your_rest_api_endpoint",
    	"client_id": "your_client_id",
        "client_secret": "your_client_secret"
    "properties": {
        "sobject": ["Lead"]
    "mappings": [
	    "id": "contact_attribute_id", // Salesforce contact ID
	    "value": "tFyHkpl" // PMP widget ID of a preference
	    "type": "pmp-widget-id"
    "upsert_mode": true

The configuration of the Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud integration can be done in the Didomi Console. First please reach out to to get the integration's premium feature activated.

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