Salesforce DMP (Krux)

The Didomi CMP can automatically share the consent status of the user with the Salesforce DMP (Krux) tag. When the integration is enabled, the SDK will call Krux('consent:set', { ...consent information }) as needed.

See the following articles from the Salesforce DMP documentation for more information on what the SDK does:

To enable the integration, you must add the salesforce vendor to your tag configuration and also add a dedicated section for the integration:

window.didomiConfig = {
    app: {
      vendors: {
        didomi: [

    integrations: {
      vendors: {
        'salesforce-dmp': {
          enable: true,
          namespace: 'namespace', // Optional ; set to null if you do not use a namespace

The namespace property is optional and allows you to specify what namespace you are using in the Salesforce DMP.

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