Notice deployments track when a notice configuration was published and deployed to your production environments. They are used for audit and compliance purposes to keep a full log of changes made to how consent is being collected.
The /widgets/notices/deployments endpoint of the API exposes the notice deployments managed by Didomi for your organizations. For a full reference of the endpoint and the resources that it returns, visit

Publish a draft configuration

Only draft configurations can be published. A draft configuration is marked as deployed once it is published and cannot be published or modified anymore.
To publish the current draft configuration, create a deployment for that configuration by sending a POST /widgets/notices/deployments request for that specific configuration.
After a configuration is published, the publishing date is set in its deployed_at field and that configuration cannot be modified or published anymore.
"notice_id": "GG2rdGfN",
"organization_id": "didomi",
"production_config_id": "2fcjz7Cw",
"message": "Description of changes included in my deployment"
The production_config_id should be the ID of the draft config you are publishing. message is a text field that can be used to indicate information on what changes are included in your deployment.