To manage your privacy requests created by your end-users, Didomi API provides a note management tool to attach notes to the requests you have to address.

In Didomi Console, we only present the last note created but you can query all notes attached to a request with Didomi API.

The /dsar/requests/notes endpoint of the API exposes the request notes managed by Didomi for your organization. For a full reference of the endpoint and the resources that it returns, visit

Create a note

To create a new note, you can send a POST request to You need to specify the Request ID and the content of your note.


    "request_id": "String",
    "value": "String"

Query all notes

To fetch all notes of your organization, you can send a GET request on

        "id": "String",
        "created_at": "Date",
        "updated_at": "Date",
        "organization_id": "String",
        "request_id": "String",
        "value": "String",
        "user_id": "String",
        "user": {
            "name": "String"

Query notes of a request

To fetch all notes attached to a specific request, you can send a GET request on{{request_id}}. You need to add the request_id as a query param.

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