Widgets are based on a layout and this layout is built with components.

Components are any part of a widget you can customize. They are defined and created as a consequence of a widget creation.

The scope of components created is defined by template_id. You can find a summary of combinations below.






Components available are following:

Please be aware of the following exceptions.

  • auth component is not a layout-component and is editable at widget level.

  • In addition of options, sections layout-component provides a simplified configuration with theme property.

  • Privacy request widgets benefit from design and UI content edition only in layout-component dsar_form. User rights content is not editable.

Edit a component

To edit a layout-component, send a PATCH request on /widgets/layout-components/{id}.

Be careful when you are editing the options property. This is a JSONB and by design, you need to fill in every property already added every time you edit this object.


    "type": "header || save || footer || section || preference || preference_value || dsar_form",
    "options": {},
    "organization_id": "YOUR_ORGANIZATION_ID"

Edit multiple components

To edit multiple layout-components, send a PATCH request on /widgets/layout-components.


        "id": "String",
        "type": "header || save || footer || section || preference || preference_value",
        "options": {},
        "organization_id": "YOUR_ORGANIZATION_ID"

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