Didomi allows you to update your Braze contact attributes with the preferences collected through your preference management platform (PMP).



Didomi connects to Braze on your behalf through API calls using the API key and the Server instance of your Braze account. Therefore, every time preferences are collected using the Didomi Platform, it triggers an event that updates the attributes of your Braze users.
You can use the Didomi user's property organization_user_id to identify and link your users on both platforms.


  • Upsert mode: Please note that the Upsert mode is not supported for this connector.
  • Bidirectional flow: Please note that the bidirectional flow is not supported at the moment.


Didomi uses the entity user of Braze and supports the following user updates:
  1. 1.
    Opted-in: means the user has explicitly chosen to receive email campaigns. This mapping option can be used in your Braze integration through the id OPTED_IN in the properties object.
  2. 2.
    Unsubscribed: means the user has explicitly chosen to unsubscribe from getting email campaigns. To use this mapping option in your Braze integration, you need to use the id UNSUBSCRIBED under the properties object, and map it with a purpose or a preference value from your PMP.
  3. 3.
    Subscription to a custom group: If you chose to segment your audience through custom subscription groups, Didomi also allow you to add/remove users from those groups based on their preference choices. You will simply need to map your subscription group id with a purpose or a preference from your PMP.


Didomi needs the following configuration items to set up the connection with Braze:
API key
An API key of Braze account
Server instance of Braze account
List of properties to match between Didomi and Braze


"config": {
"api_key": "Your Braze API Key",
"server": "Your Braze server URL",
"properties": [
"id": "OPTED_IN", // Native state in braze to tag the users who have explicitly opted-in to receive emails.
"value": "consents_purposes_<purpose>_enabled"
"id": "UNSUBSCRIBED", // Native state in braze to tag the users who have explicitly unsubscribed from emails.
"value": "consents_purposes_<purpose>_enabled"
"id": "subscription_group_id", // Custom Subscription group that could be created in Braze
"value": "consents_purposes_<purpose>_enabled"
The configuration of the Braze integration cannot be done in the Didomi Console at the moment. Please reach out to [email protected] to get your Braze integration configured and provide the elements listed above.