Versions - iOS

1.12.2 (Oct 2019)


  • UI issue with the purpose switches keeping a stale state when the user toggled the switch and expanded the purpose description right after.

1.12.1 (Sep 2019)


  • Build was being created using the Debug configuration.

1.12.0 (Sep 2019)


  • Some views were not displaying correctly on iOS 13 when dark mode was enabled.

1.11.9 (Sep 2019)


  • Added support for Xcode 11 and bitcode.

1.11.8 (Sep 2019)


  • In some cases getting the device location could cause a long delay.

1.11.3 (Sep 2019)


  • Objective-C projects were not compiling correctly under certain configurations.

1.11.1 (Sep 2019)


  • Objective-C projects were not compiling correctly when running on simulator on Xcode 10.2 and 10.3.

1.10.1 (Sep 2019)


  • Improved internal implementation of the SDK to ease the creation of custom views.

1.9.6 (Jul 2019)


  • Some mapping keys related to the getText and getTranslatedText methods were not matching the JSON properties of the preferences and notice properties.

1.9.5 (Jul 2019)


  • Updated IAB vendors list to 155.

  • Added the ability to provide translatable texts through the texts property in the didomi_config.json file that can be used when creating a custom notice.

1.9.4 (Jul 2019)


  • Added the ability to block/disable the Agree to all and Disable to all buttons by providing the preferences.disableButtonsUntilScroll flag and setting it to true.

1.9.3 (Jun 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • Event HideNoticeEvent was not triggered as required in some cases.

1.9.2 (Jun 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • The Console generates custom purpose IDs within [A-Za-z0-9-_] and SDKs only allowed [a-z0-9-_]

1.9.1 (May 2019)


  • Added logs to indicate app developers when methods that require the Didomi SDK to be ready are called before that.

1.8.1 (May 2019)


  • Update IAB vendors list (version 146)

1.8.0 (May 2019)


1.7.0 (Apr 2019)


  • Add the possibility to get the configuration remotely from the Didomi console

If you are coming from a previous version and want to enable the remote Didomi configuration created from the console, please add disableDidomiRemoteConfig: false as a new parameter in your initialize function. See documentation.

1.6.0 (Apr 2019)


  • Added pod Didomi-xcode10.2 which supports Xcode 10.2.

Bug fixes:

  • Exposed missing properties of Purpose and Vendor classes.

1.5.1 (Apr 2019)


1.5.0 (Apr 2019)


  • Exposed the following methods: getRequiredPurposes, getRequiredVendors, getEnabledPurposes, getEnabledPurposeIds, getDisabledPurposes, getDisabledPurposeIds, getEnabledVendors, getEnabledVendorIds, getDisabledVendors, getDisabledVendorIds, getPurpose and getVendor.

  • Add Russian and Ukrainian languages

1.4.5 (Mar 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • Preferences popup was being displayed on each visit when notice.enable was set to false and preferences.showWhenConsentIsMissing to true.

1.4.3 (Feb 2019)


  • Updated master config file adding countries, translations, purposes and partners.

  • Exposing shouldConsentBeCollected method used to allow developers to check if consent should be collected or not.

Bug fixes:

  • Items on Purposes and Vendors list were not expanding when clicking right on the expand arrow.

  • SDK had to wait for the country code to get initialised which in some cases could result in the app having to wait for it before starting.

  • Fix translation for "View privacy policy" on the Vendors view

1.4.1 (Feb 2019)

Bug fixes:

  • Purposes description was not being displayed on iPad running iOS 9.3.

  • Fixed strong reference cycles.

1.4.0 (Jan 2019)

Breaking change

This release modifies how we treat the ID of your custom vendors. If you are getting the user consent status with an API function like getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes("vendor-id"), you need to update your code to prefix the vendor ID with c:. Your function call now becomes: getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes("c:vendor-id").

This change will also trigger consent re-collection for your users.


Bug fixes:

  • The "Disagree to all" button did not use the same text and background color as the "Agree to all" button.

  • Inline style of HTML content was being overridden on the Preferences pop-in.

  • The "Save" button was present but disabled even though all purposes were set to unknown.

  • Purposes were not being properly updated when categories were being used.

  • The "c:" prefix was missing from custom vendors IDs. Important: this could be a breaking change since on the previous version the "c:" prefix was not required before each custom vendor ID.

  • Purposes were not sorted properly on the vendors and purposes views.

1.3.2 (Jan 2019)


  • Supports the 24 European languages

  • Number of days before recollecting consent option in the configuration tag

  • Updates on helpers to ease testability

1.3.1 (Dec 2018)


  • Added the ability to load a remote configuration file so app developers can customize how the SDK is displayed to users

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed potential issue around macros and the way they get replaced in the content

1.2.1 (Dec 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed logic around showPreferences and forceShowNotice methods so app does not crash after consent has been given

  • Fixed the way notices display long content by enabling scroll when required

  • Correctly load purposes and vendors statuses in the Preferences popup after consent has been given

  • Show the Save button when the Preferences popup is open after consent has been given

1.2.0 (Nov 2018)


  • Custom purposes

  • Map custom vendor to IAB ID

  • Expose getUserConsentStatusForPurpose and getUserConsentStatusForVendorAndRequiredPurposes in the public API

  • Ability to customize texts in the preferences popup

1.1.3 (Nov 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor UI fixes.

  • Updated default notice text.

1.1.2 (Nov 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor UI fixes.

1.1.1 (Nov 2018)

Bug fixes:

  • Exposed additional methods.

1.1.0 (Nov 2018)


  • Added support for Xcode 9

  • Added support for Objective-C

1.0.0 (Nov 2018)

Initial version.