The privacy center is a dedicated website that your company's consumers can access to manage their preferences and get information on your privacy practices.
Why do you want to use Didomi's preference center? Allowing your users to manage their preferences across all your vendors and ensuring that it is in compliance with data privacy regulations is complex.


Preference Center

Consumers can use it to understand what personal data you are collecting, how and why you are processing it, what third-party companies that data gets shared with, etc. They can also manage their preferences that affect how their data is being used: change their personal data (name, address, etc.), update their subscriptions to newsletters, decide what ads they want to receive, etc.
Here is an example of a privacy center:

What's next?

This section will guide you through setting up the Didomi preference center onto your websites and mobile applications.
We are assuming that you have a Didomi developer account and an API key and that you have already configured your privacy center in your compliance console. If not, please go to our website and sign up for an account.
Last modified 1yr ago